Harness Your Superpowers

Do you ever wish things would just be easy (for once)?

Why is life so hard? It’s too much. I can’t do it all.

Did I miss the memo or something?
How am I supposed to keep my kids fed and washed, run the house,
AND make some money to keep a roof over all of it?

Throw a dog in the mix or tell me I need to meditate and I want to kill someone.
I can’t even exercise or eat right for a week without falling off the plan.

Who said this was possible? Why do I feel like I am always dropping the ball?

Being happy is starting to feel like a distant pipe dream. I just want it to be easy for a change. Why can’t I catch a freaking break?

First, some #realtalk. That “Easy Button” you keep smashing is not connected to anything.

I know. That sucks. You have been banging and banging on that button. It’s not happening.

Here’s the hard truth (and YES there WILL be a silver lining!).

Happiness and peace will not magically appear at your door like a package from Amazon.

If you want a breather, you need to create it yourself.

But how??

If you feel like you are drowning, I have a lifeline for you.

Imagine if you could:

  • take control of your life
  • be less reactive
  • create an island of peace in your day
  • laugh more and yell less

I’m Dr. Robert Zeitlin, a Positive Psychologist who helps stressed-out people expand time. I don’t believe that you “fake it until you make it.” There is a powerful core part of you on the inside that the world needs to see and hear from.

You ARE good enough. That doesn’t mean you can stop and rest on your laurels. NOT AT ALL. It means that you can act out of joy and love and stop running from fear and guilt.

By harnessing the strengths that you already have inside you, you CAN take back control of your life and find more peace and happiness.

I’ve read all the research so you don’t have to. I’ve tried ALL THE THINGS to weed out the crap. I have designed an online program with the 10 answers you need to get started.

The secret?

Start small.

Start here.

Introducing: Harness Your Superpowers

What if you can create a foothold to take back control of your time and mood in only 5 minutes a day?

Can you make yourself a priority again in only five minutes a day? Yes, you can. It won’t be another thing you can’t get to (gah! Who needs that?). Don’t worry. I’ll give you the support and tools you need so you can keep that commitment to yourself. You can:

Spend five minutes every day
to form a habit that makes you feel
more powerful and productive.

When you form the RIGHT habit for YOU and make a ROCK-SOLID commitment (the whole third module of the course is how you can “Make it Stick”), you can stack those days into something larger. You will grow a new level of confidence with each day you practice the new habit.

The videos in Harness Your Superpowers take only 30 minutes total, spread out over 10 days.

With an accompanying workbook, Harness Your Superpowers will guide you through a simple, clear method to create a new, lasting habit using your innate character strengths. Ready to get started?

Joy was a client who saw huge results from a small change. Click here to listen to her experience:

I designed Harness Your Superpowers using the research you need to form a habit and access your strengths. I cut out all the fluff because no one has the time! Here are some other testimonials:

“When you think of habits, you never think of good habits. You never think of positive habits to have. Habits don’t necessarily need to be negative. You can have positive ones. I never looked at it that way…. This is amazing. I’m really leaving with a lot.... I can’t wait to come back and tell you how amazingly my life has changed.”


“For me, negative self talk and getting in this habit of believing your own thoughts can be really powerful and can also be really debilitating. It’s funny how, when you just change even something you tell yourself, then you make room in your life to have more fun... Just changing one thought can change everything.”


These small moves are exactly what helped me take back control and direct my life.

How exactly does Harness Your Superpowers work?

This $97 course includes:

  • 10 short video lessons accessible anytime, anywhere. Doing laundry? You can access it. Grocery shopping? Throw on the video.
  • a specially-designed workbook so that you can take action and keep track of your progress
  • a link to a character strength self-assessment so that you can learn about your signature superpowers
  • access for the life of the course (until the time when the course is no longer available online) so that you can go back and view a specific lesson again OR take the course over as many times as you want
  • personalized support so that you can get your questions answered by me (not an associate)

Here’s the breakdown of the 10 video lessons:

Module 1: Find Your Superpower

Superpowers are the perfect vehicle on which to build your self-image. Learn which of your character strengths (superpowers) you want to build on: I’m creative, I’m curious, I have a zest for life.

    Lesson 1: Why Superpowers? (1:58)
    Lesson 2: Find Your Foothold (2:47)
    Lesson 3: Choose Your Superpower (3:46)

Module 2: Flex Your Superpower

It doesn’t take weeks or months to form a new habit. Use this three-step formula to create a feedback loop that makes it easy.

    Lesson 4: Make it Small (2:59)
    Lesson 5: Make it Easy (4:16)
    Lesson 6: Celebrate (2:55)

Module 3: Make Your Superpower Stick

Finish strong with four answers to your question, “how can I stick with this?” In less than 12 minutes total, take action using the best research from Positive Psychology and the science of Habit Formation.

    Lesson 7: The Biggest Obstacle (2:48)
    Lesson 8: Enlist a Partner (2:39)
    Lesson 9: Muscle Memory (2:36)
    Lesson 10: State Your Intention (2:48)

What Harness Your Superpowers can do for you:

You will stop wasting your energy feeling guilty about that to-do list you couldn’t get done. Harness Your Superpowers will help you start your day on the right note. You just need a foothold. Take control of one small part of your day and watch how the confidence spreads. It’s not where you finish, it’s about getting started.

Someone sold us a fantasy that it’s easy to become someone different, better, and in control of every aspect of our lives. When it doesn’t work, we believe we failed because we weren’t STRONG enough. Relying on willpower alone is like using one muscle all day long until it’s exhausted. Just when you need it the most, at THAT moment when you are too tired or stressed out or frustrated to make the right choice, your willpower will already be SPENT.

You deserve to have the tools to feel confident that you can get things done. You have always had the ability. You just need to give yourself a chance, not criticize yourself at every turn. There is so much more you can do, once you harness your superpowers. Your friends will see it in you, too. They will notice something different about you and ask, “what did you change?”

Why do I care?

You have too many ways in your life to make you feel like you are failing. I want you to help you build more places where you feel success and pride. And peace. And joy.

You can’t let the most difficult phase of your life define how you see yourself. You are too important.

When I hear people say they can’t even imagine being happy again, it breaks my heart.

When I hear you beat yourself up with guilt over feeling frustrated or resentful, I get angry.

You don’t deserve to feel this way. You may not see a light at the end of the tunnel. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. You have the power to change this channel.

You CAN make a dent in your daily life with a small habit in a positive direction. You have EXACTLY what you need when you are stressed or frustrated. You have the resources and tools to feel confident and get back on track.

As a Positive Psychologist, I have worked with amazing, brilliant people from every walk of life. I know what’s inside of you. You have superpowers that can help you and the family and community you love.

Flexing my superpowers of love of learning, authenticity, and a contagious enthusiasm for life, I wrote Laugh More, Yell Less: A Guide to Raising Kick-Ass Kids to inspire parents to put on their capes and show their kids how to be superheroes. I help parents and entrepreneurs reach their goals using the research in Positive Psychology and the science of habit-building. I can help you create an upward spiral in your life.

As a father and husband for over 25 years, I have been down all of these roads that you are traveling. It can be exhausting. But I can show you a way to generate more joy, feel more peace, and get to the happy.

What CAN you do?

Harness the strengths you already have inside you. Harness Your Superpowers works with the superpowers you already possess.

  • Take the self-assessment to reveal the character strengths (superpowers) that you ALREADY possess.
  • Follow the simple three-step formula spelled out in this online course to create a new routine.
  • Use the four techniques I show you to make the habit stick.

When you flex your superpowers everyday, using the tools I share (like enlisting an accountability partner in Lesson 8), you will feel capable and effective. You will SEE YOURSELF in a different light.

I would love to share these insights with you through Harness Your Superpowers. I know that you will find what you need inside you. You just need to unlock your superpowers and harness them! This course is literally the easiest way I could find to give you a foothold, to begin the process of taking back control of your life. Are you ready to take control?