Dr. Robert Zeitlin, Positive Psychologist

Helping parents laugh more and yell less. Helping you achieve your potential.


As a Positive Psychologist, I use the research in Positive Psychology and my experience helping people form positive habits to help you embrace your strengths and connect them to what the world needs from you, and what the world is willing to pay you to do.


Harness Your Superpowers

Harness Your Superpowers

This $97 course includes: 10 short video lessons accessible anytime, anywhere. Doing laundry? You can access it. Grocery shopping? Throw on the video. | a specially-designed workbook so that you can take action and keep track of your progress | a link to a character strength self-assessment so that you can learn about your signature superpowers | access for the life of the course (until the time when the course is no longer available online) so that you can go back and view a specific lesson again OR take the course over as many times as you want | personalized support so that you can get your questions answered by me (not an associate)